Lightouch™ UV System Maintenance

Proper consistent UV maintenance saves money & reduces waste

The PLC controlled Versiflex UV system is a proven, reliable performer with less than 1.4% warranty claims in over 3,700 installations. All UV curing systems require periodic maintenance to promote years of trouble-free service. Routine UV system maintenance can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes per month.

A typical 30-day preventative UV system maintenance program includes:

  • Cleaning cabinet air filters with low PSI compressed air
  • Surface cleaning of UV lamp head reflectors and UV bulbs using isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth
  • Inspecting UV exhaust blower, blast gates and flexible exhaust ducting to ensure free flowing exhaust air without leaks or hose kinks

Ultraviolet curing uses high powered energy to emit intense ultraviolet light. A UV curing system that has not been properly maintained can reduce UV output at the web resulting in slower line speeds, increased waste and poor energy consumption.

  • The UV reflectors located behind the UV bulb capture approximately 40% of the UV energy and direct it back to the moving web, focusing the UV energy as an ellipse. A dirty or milky reflector is the result of inadequate cleaning creating build-up of debris on the reflector which oxidizes, reducing its ability to reflect UV light.
  • A dirty electronic cabinet filter will allow excess heat created by the ballast to buildup, thus reducing the life of all electronic components inside the cabinet.
  • A kinked or punctured flexible UV exhaust hose will reduce airflow through the UV lamp assembly. This will typically increase UV lamp temperatures which can cause warping or damage to aluminum reflectors and significantly reduce bulb life.

Proper UV maintenance will ensure more than 20 years of consistent performance with only minor component replacement. A UV bulb is more than 2,500 degrees F at the surface of the quartz tube. These extreme temperatures create a very volatile environment inside the UV lamp head which can contribute to fatigue of many of the UV lamp components.

Typical wear items in the UV lamp head are:

  • UV bulbs (1,500 hours average lifespan)
  • UV reflectors (2-5 yr lifespan)
  • Pneumatic actuation cylinders (5-10 yr lifespan).

Routine maintenance can dramatically increase the life of these components improving system integrity and providing consistent UV cured products.

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