Lightouch™ UV System Installation

Proper UV installation enhances system performance

Lightouch™ UV curing systems combine “smart” PLC technology with sophisticated UV lamp assemblies and closed loop exhaust systems to provide a complete UV curing package. Proper installation and calibration of the UV system is essential to promote years of productive UV curing performance. Our Lightouch™ technicians offer turn-key field service installation on your machine or at the OEM level including set-up and operations training.

UV curing system integration includes setup of four main UV system components:

  • UV lamp assembly
  • PLC electronic controller
  • Closed-loop, variable speed UV exhaust blower with proper exhaust plenum
  • Color touch-screen operator remote control

Proper UV system installation involves mounting the ultraviolet lamp assembly in the desired location using the universal “L” brackets, minor electrical wiring to capture the equipment’s run signal, calibration of the exhaust system and setup of critical operating parameters (shutter control, auto-ramp UV intensity control, bulb timers, etc). Very little wiring is required, as the system is designed with Quick Disconnect electric and pneumatic lamp cables for ease of UV lamp head movement. Self-installation is possible; however we highly recommend using our factory-trained Lightouch UV service technicians to avoid improper system start-up, improve system performance and maintain thorough warranty coverage.

Contact our filed service department at (800) 678-7222 or (847) 818-1100. Email questions to and learn more about proper installation of your Lightouch™ UV curing system.