UV Application Consultants

Expert UV curing system advice

EXPERTISE. Our technical sales staff and UV application engineering team will evaluate your application parameters to target the right UV system for your application. Our technical team evaluates lamp chemistry to properly cure the desired media, as well as lamp head selection for seamless UV system integration.

APPLICATION ANALYSIS. To properly match the desired physical and chemical characteristics, it is imperative that the UV lamp chemistry provides the proper UV output to fully cure the specified coating.

UV LAMP CHEMISTRY SELECTION is imperative to the overall success of realizing the desired physical, graphic or chemical effects of the UV media. Ninety-five percent of UV applications require the use of medium pressure mercury vapor UV lamps, as they have peak ultraviolet irradiance in the UVA spectrum for thoroughly curing UV inks and UV varnishes. Many specialty applications such as UV adhesive, UV screen and UV silicone may require the use of metal halide lamps (iron or gallium doped mercury) with peak irradiance in the UV spectrum to yield the desired application characteristics.

FLAWLESS PERFORMANCE is the result of a properly specified UV curing system. There are many details to consider when determining the right UV equipment specifications for a particular application. For instance, metal halide UV lamps run 35% hotter which reduces their useful life compared to standard medium pressure mercury vapor lamps. Targeting the proper system with consideration of substrate use and coating chemistry will allow you to improve product performance and increase UV system longevity.

AUTOMATIC TROUBLESHOOTING. Lightouch™ Versiflex and Microstep UV curing models include automatic troubleshooting to alert the operator in the unlikely event of a UV fault and displays repair procedures to minimize downtime.

AUTOMATIC FAULT PROTECTION is included to stop the press if one of 10 faults were to occur. This feature can be over-ridden by the operator however engaging auto fault protection dramatically reduces waste associated with un-cured media.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT. Lightouch™ UV curing systems are designed for constant operation. Lack of preventative maintenance can cause integral component failure. Our service staff is available to provide on-site field service or technical phone support to assist you in diagnosis and repair of your Lightouch™ UV System.

Contact your Lightouch™ representative today at (800) 678-7222 or +1 (847) 818-1100. Email questions to sales@aaapress.com and let our experts provide you with a FREE UV curing system consultation.