Premier UV & UV-LED Curing Systems Manufacturer

Ultraviolet curing systems made in the USA

WORLD RENOWNED UV TECHNOLOGY. Lightouch™ UV curing systems are manufactured in Arlington Heights Illinois by AAA Press International. The company has manufactured and installed more than 3,700 lamps in a variety of UV curing applications. We are the premier manufacturer of industrial UV curing equipment utilizing the latest technologies to provide thorough curing of ultraviolet inks and coatings for the printing & converting industries. We encourage you to explore our complete line of UV curing equipment and experience how it can enhance product appearance for printing, coating and decorating while virtually eliminating VOCs and other environmental hazards. Our UV systems are recognized the world over for their outstanding reliability & longevity. Each system is backed by a comprehensive warranty and complete technical support through our factory trained UV technicians. We provide turn-key installation, engineering support and A-Z training on system operation & routine maintenance instruction.

RELIABLE, FLEXIBLE & PORTABLE. All of our UV systems have been developed and designed by our in-house engineering team to provide years of reliability and application flexibility. They are designed & manufactured to include quick-change lamp head features which allow operators to remove lamp cassettes quickly, without tools for fast routine maintenance. Portability is engineered into every Lightouch™ UV curing system allowing operators to do more with less. Web housings can be mounted in any station on press promoting lamp mobility from station to station with quick disconnect electronics & pneumatics.

OUTSTANDING APPLICATION & TECHNICAL SUPPORT. All of our UV products are supported by a comprehensive warranty and unmatched support. Our UV curing application specialists are here to consult you on your specific UV printing or converting application to offer the most cost effective UV curing solution. After installation, our factory trained technicians can assist you with troubleshooting through phone support or on-sight field service. We have more than 95 years combined experience in UV curing systems and UV curing applications to offer you the ultimate in service and support.

We encourage you to contact our application specialists at (800) 678-7222 or +1 (847) 818-1100. Please email us at anytime to learn more about the benefits of Lightouch™ UV curing systems.