Maximizer IR Drying System

Compact, heavy-duty in-line drying solutions

Power supply and remote control

System features:

  • Digitally controlled dryers includes auto intensity control proportional to press speed
  • Compact in-line heater hood designs – perfect for OEM or retrofit installations
  • Ultra robust quartz tube heater elements offer years of maintenance-free operation
  • High velocity intake and exhaust systems provide high volume air flow

Maximizer Drying System Description

Maximizer IR drying systems include 4-bulb, 6-bulb and 9-bulb configurations to meet drying requirements in virtually any application. Drying performance is optimized through the use of 16 impingement air slots located above and below each IR emitter to deliver precise air velocity and heat to the web. The Maximizer infrared system includes a digital electronic controller to automatically operate and monitor IR energy proportional to press speed, while controlling intake & exhaust blower operation to maintain ambient web temperature during line stops.


Lightouch™ Combo UV / IR Dryer System

To download Combo In-line IR / UV Drying System PDF, click here.

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