NEW Lightouch™ UV LED Curing Systems

New revolutionary multi-wavelength technology

Lightouch UV-LED Curing systemThe world of ultraviolet curing is rapidly evolving with the advent of the New Lightouch™ UV LED curing systems. Ideal for heat sensitive substrates; the sleek UV LED line offers 30 W/CM² of targeted power while producing extremely low IR energy. Lightouch™ UV LED has been tested and authenticated with multiple international ink, varnish, and adhesive manufacturers and is proven to thoroughly cure at high line speeds.


Lightouch™ UV Curing Systems For Printing

Ideal for printers, converters, packagers and industrial coaters worldwide

World renowned Lightouch™ UV curing systems have been installed in a variety of printing, coating, and laminating applications for more than 25 years with over 3,700 UV installations worldwide. Lightouch™ systems offer a specific design that incorporates versatility, flexibility, and reliability. Extreme considerations were incorporated into this unique UV curing technology yielding a portable UV system with custom-designed QC lamp housings for mobility and ease-of-use. The custom engineered UV components include state-of-the-art electronics and high quality QC lamp assemblies. Safety is paramount as the UV controller includes all UL approved electronics and 10 proven UV safety interlock features.


Lightouch™ Versiflex UV Curing System

Our most popular electronic control system, the Versiflex is a 5-stage auto intensity model offering touch screen remote control with complete system flexibility allowing the operator to program many features such as shutter timing, auto-ramp settings, and maintenance reminders.



Lightouch™ Microstep UV Curing System

The Microstep electronic controller is ideal for curing on heat sensitive substrates such as thin films or papers as it offers 21-stage auto-ramp intensity programming along with all of the other features included with the Versiflex model.


Lightouch™ Combo In-line UV/IR Dryer System

The perfect in-line curing & drying solution

Combo In-line UV / IR Drying SystemOur design engineering team has combined the proven Lightouch™ UV curing system with the new Maximizer IR drying system too provide the most compact, reliable, and economical In-line UV curing/IR drying solution. Lightouch™ UV curing systems are ideal for curing UV inks, coatings, and adhesives, as evidence by more than 3,000 units in the field. Add the compact Maximizer IR drying system and you have a sleek, in-line, drying solution offering the flexibility of printing UV and water based inks in one seamless pass.